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MIA: Draco Trilogy


I've just found out that Cassie Claire has, as of now, removed her Draco Trilogy from Fiction Alley and left the fandom. But I haven't finished reading it yet! Eek! I read Draco Dormiens and half of Draco Sinister ages ago, but then got sidetracked by exams or something and never went back to finish it. And now it is gone, and I can never read the end. *dramatic hand to forehead*

So, does anyone out there have the PDFs that were apparently posted at the end of DV17? Or the links to them, if they're still there? Please? *big goo-goo eyes* If you can help me get a copy of this fic I will shower you in love! Or at least shower you in little ♥♥♥ symbols.

If all else fails I suppose I could always read it in Russian...

Edit: If you want the PDFs too, they can be downloaded here.
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