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So, err. Hi again.

Yes, I disappeared. But! This time I have an actual excuse! And it's not "I was ttly sick, mmkay." I have in fact - *drumroll* - been on holiday.1

While I've been away, y'all seem to have been writing a billion posts a day and having important life events and so on.2 All I did was come up with about ten different ideas for Dr Horrible fics, get my brother addicted to HIMYM and screw up my ankle. Yay.

On the plus side, when we got home Mum managed to find a box of The Most Delicious Cereal Ever™ at our local supermarket. You know your life is sad when you are genuinely excited by breakfast cereal.

So, yeah. That's it. All up to date. We now return you to your regularly scheduled lack-of-posting.

PS: Today I posted this extremely bad pun to the Dr Horrible macro community. I am either insane or brilli– No, I'm insane.

PPS: I have forgotten how to form coherent paragraphs. :| Umm. Oops. Next post will be less disjointed?

1 If I have your address and you were hoping for a postcard, sorry, but I didn't do any. No, I am not disappeareded... but that doesn't mean I'm suddenly all omg bettor!!1! I r still teh sickz. So I was too tired to do postcards this year. :/

2 I've already caught up with my f'list; I got to about skip=420 in the end. I'll try and catch up with commenting, but it'll probably take me a while. And you know me, I suck at this sort of thing so there's the very real possibility it won't happen at all. So, celebratory hugs to those of you who've had birthdays, commiseratory hugs to those of you who've been having a hard time and celebratory-or-commiseratory hugs to those of you who've had exam results depending on what you got. Just in case I don't end up commenting. :3 *hugs!*
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