Kitty (kittyrainbow) wrote,

im in ur internetz, crazifying ur jurnal... oh wait this my jurnal! lolz

YAY! I've been up for ALMOST 26 HOURS! LOL, I'm not even tired, I'm just hyper and giddy. Everything has been about teh lulz for the last 21 hours or so. My brain is like completely screwed and full of teh silliness. But woe, for I wants this entry to be readable, and not not.

I shall therefore write this entry in the form of a NICE and ORGANISED list, in order that my thoughts shall likewise be NICE and ORGANISED. Thus, here's what's been happening to me since I was last on teh intarwebz a week ago, or just stuff which is interesting:

1) NaNoWriMo! Everybody thought I should sign up, but I refused due to being smart and sensible and knowing it be an extremely bad idea for my sanity. At the last minute I caved in and decided to do it, only I told hardly anyone this because it was sooper sekrit. I wrote 600 words on the first day and gave up completely. Then everyone found out I was doing NaNo and asked how it was going and I got to tell them I QUIT hahaha. I is brilliant!

2) I then promptly caught TEH FLU oh noes :'( and have spent the last week reading crap books and being in pain, etc.

3) Today was my first day back on the net and I made up for lost time by spending all of it downloading a bazillion icons and reading a million fics, mostly from Torchwood which might explain why...

4) I have become completely obsessed with Torchwood. It is made of AWESOME and CRACK! And also the cast have taken the lead from their brothers-in-arms (DOCTOR WHO MASSIVE REPRESENT) and been invading my dreams at the drop of a hat. Over three consecutive nights I had visits from Ianto and Owen, then Jack, and then Gwen. Tosh, you'd better get your butt into mah subconscious TONITE, ya hear? Oh yeah, and I did mention the CYBERWOMAN fighting the PTERODACTYL? And the complete shipability of ANY CHARACTER with ANY OTHER character? And the CRACK? IT IS THE WIN.

5) Also, Ianto Jones is HOT LYKE WHOA. At first I was like, "why the Ianto love? he done nuffink" and then episode four came along and I was like "♥♥♥!!!" I such a h0r for teh bandwagonz :(

6) I'm now addicted to the phrase IM IN UR [PLACE], [VERB]ING UR [OBJECT]. I blame iconz for infecting me. And teh cats. And also teh phrase for bein' SO DARN FUNNY.

7) HEY, I never told y'all but I passed the 10,000 icon mark a few weeks ago! Whoo! In fact my collection has now reached 12,500 so LOL awesome.

8) Oh and no I have NOT HAD ANY ALCOHOL. Nor have I had any CHOCLITT. In fact I forgot to eat at all for about 20 hours because lol flu virus it makes me unhungry. Teh flu virus is also what is making me untired because I's been like "wtf, sleep?" for the last week. So maybe the FLU is also making me hyper! YES! Blame the virus!!


10) For the whole of today, on average every ten minutes I have thought "I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE HECK I'M ON ABOUT." This is true and also should totally be my new motto.

11) This entry is a FACSIMILE of a SHAM because even though I wrote it at the time it says I did, I didn't post it until the morning! Oh noes! But I was like going cross eyed and falling asleep, because while my brain was awake from flu, my body was tired like a tired thing normally would be after 26 hours. And btw YES I AM STILL HYPER this morning. :D :D :D

PS: Future self, I hope you remember that in the social climate of today this idiom is immediately recognisable as having an inherent tone of mockery; and if all else fails I WAS DRUNK ON AIR, OFFICER.
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