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BIRTHDAY! Yay for me!

HURRAH! For it is my birthday! Yay.

Most of my presents haven't arrived but I managed to get drunk on a CHOCOLATE FROM A CHOCOLATE BOX therefore I WIN. I spent THREE HOURS bouncing around and typoing at people, being HILARIOUS/deluded. :D

I also managed to FORGET to watch Blue Peter, even though I reminded myself yesterday because LEMONY SNICKET was on. Then I looked up when the repeat was and managed to forget AGAIN, and only remembered about ONE MINUTE before the segment started! Win!

Oh and I got messaged by about six million people at once on MSN which was LOLZ and also AWESOME. ♥ to you all! (Whether you were on MSN or not!)

And no! I shall not tell you how old I am, for I am now FAR TOO OLD! *pins on the BRIGHT PINK "birthday girl" badge her parents gave her and parades around with a teddybear*

(This post brought to you by the Association for RANDOM CAPSLOCK.)
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