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It be 19th September, me hearties. You know what that be meanin'. An' to celebrate, I captured a little piece o' booty to share wi' all my mateys.

So grab yeselves a pint o' grog and feast yer eyes on...


Jolly Juliet

Walking through the front door after school, Artemis and Butler were confronted in the hall by Juliet – who was wearing a pirate hat, an eyepatch and brandishing a plastic cutlass.

“Avast, ye landlubbers!” she cried.

Artemis frowned. “Juliet, what is all of this nonsense?”

“Yarr, it be International Talk Like A Pirate Day, cap'n.” She waved her cutlass at him and then leaped off down the hallway, cutting at imaginary foes.

Artemis slowly turned to Butler. “I do hope insanity doesn't run in your family. I don't want to lose my manservant to a padded room.”

“No, cap'n,” said Butler.


Arrr. *bites cutlass*
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