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September Personal Challenge Table

Anyone remember that fanfic challenge I set myself back in May? No? Well I'm not surprised, I only finished about four of the ten prompts I set myself... But now that I don't have imminent exams, I figure it might be a good time to start it up again.

So here we go, another set of prompts, all done up in a nice table - because filling up a pretty table is the real fun of a challenge.

Artemis Fowl
01. dormant
[-none yet-]
02. fire
Domestic Issues
03. whim
[-none yet-]
04. scale
Just A Normal Girl
05. labyrinth
[-none yet-]
06. petrify
[-none yet-]
07. sarcophagus
[-none yet-]
08. paraffin
[-none yet-]
09. sinister
[-none yet-]
10. capillary
[-none yet-]

And because I'm trying to start doing a few things for other fandoms...

01. hunch
[-none yet-]
02. feather
[-none yet-]
03. embargo
[-none yet-]
04. draw
[-none yet-]
05. mask
[-none yet-]

Like last time, anyone is welcome to join me on this foolhardy endeavour. Just nab the table if you feel like it, or comment and I'll send you the code.

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