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Green Wing, Doctor Who and Eurovision. (Yay for TV.)

Green Wing series finale. WTF. Seriously, that is about all I have to say: WTF. Mac? WTF. Guy/Caroline? WTF. Second literal cliffhanger? W.T.F. Green Wing writers... I love/hate you all.

Tonight's Doctor Who, "The Age of Steel"... oh man. Mickey! No! Come baaaccckk! I was really starting to love him as a character (mainly, I'll admit, due to the pure awesomeness of Noel Clarke) and was getting really excited to see where he'll go. And now I never will. Woe. But otherwise, awesome episode. So gruesome though.

Eurovision 2006 - upholding the standard of tackiness that seems to be required of the show. But zomg we didn't get nil points!!1!1one! I thought that Norway and Romania were good - I've gone and yoinked their songs from their sites - but the winners, Finland, were just... OMGWTFLOL.

Yes, my life revolves around TV

So sleepy *flops*
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