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As you were in life, so shall you be in sleep. [01 Mar 2009|07:02pm]
I spent most of yesterday on YouTube, watching Robert Webb's dance over and over, interspersing it with clips of That Mitchell and Webb Look and David Mitchell ranting at people on Would I Lie To You. And in my dream last night, I was on YouTube, watching videos of Robert Webb's dance, That Mitchell and Webb Look, and David Mitchell ranting at people.

Holy crap.

(Yes, I did just get up. What?)
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Back. [19 Aug 2008|11:34pm]
So, err. Hi again.

Yes, I disappeared. But! This time I have an actual excuse! And it's not "I was ttly sick, mmkay." I have in fact - *drumroll* - been on holiday.1

While I've been away, y'all seem to have been writing a billion posts a day and having important life events and so on.2 All I did was come up with about ten different ideas for Dr Horrible fics, get my brother addicted to HIMYM and screw up my ankle. Yay.

On the plus side, when we got home Mum managed to find a box of The Most Delicious Cereal Ever™ at our local supermarket. You know your life is sad when you are genuinely excited by breakfast cereal.

So, yeah. That's it. All up to date. We now return you to your regularly scheduled lack-of-posting.

PS: Today I posted this extremely bad pun to the Dr Horrible macro community. I am either insane or brilli– No, I'm insane.

PPS: I have forgotten how to form coherent paragraphs. :| Umm. Oops. Next post will be less disjointed?

1 If I have your address and you were hoping for a postcard, sorry, but I didn't do any. No, I am not disappeareded... but that doesn't mean I'm suddenly all omg bettor!!1! I r still teh sickz. So I was too tired to do postcards this year. :/

2 I've already caught up with my f'list; I got to about skip=420 in the end. I'll try and catch up with commenting, but it'll probably take me a while. And you know me, I suck at this sort of thing so there's the very real possibility it won't happen at all. So, celebratory hugs to those of you who've had birthdays, commiseratory hugs to those of you who've been having a hard time and celebratory-or-commiseratory hugs to those of you who've had exam results depending on what you got. Just in case I don't end up commenting. :3 *hugs!*
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[19 Apr 2008|05:09am]

'cuz I suck at commenting and emailing and stuff and thus frequently fall out of contact with people and then totally regret it and miss y'all but get too wibbly at the thought of lolawkwardness to say anything and just let it continue foreverrr :|


im in ur friendslist, stretchin ur layout [26 Sep 2007|02:09am]


Please, post your lolcats in the comments! Just whatever you have to hand, lying around in your photobucket or anything - no matter how little relation they have to actual birthdayness. Any and all lolcats welcome: silly, sweary, well-known or obscure. Other lolanimals gratefully accepted too! :D Go on, make my day! Thanks guys! :D :D


PS: Yeah I know I've been absent recently. Sorries. :/ Not really been on LJ since I got back from holiday, the thought of the hugeness of my f'list makes me wibble. I'll catch up with it eventually!

PPS: Original photo is by AprilLynn77 and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License. Wooyay for legal thingummybits.
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The new casting spoiler for Doctor Who series 4 [04 Jul 2007|12:52am]
[ mood | hmm ]

The new casting spoiler for Doctor Who series 4Collapse )

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March Personal Challenge Table [07 Mar 2007|05:38pm]
For the past couple of days, I've been lurking on the Orion forums. I've only been chatting on the spambox and reading people's new posts, but it's made me feel a lot more like I'm part of the fandom again. I've been a lot happier today than in a quite a while. It actually feels like summer.

Of course, reading all of the Judges' analyses of the fics has made me want to write some fic of my own. But I'm not really getting any ideas at the moment, so I thought I would do... another personal challenge!

Fics Written
01. prompt
[-none yet-]
02. prompt
[-none yet-]
03. prompt
[-none yet-]


I thought I'd make a little change for this one: usually I have loads of numbered prompt words but only write a few fics, so this time I've got loads of prompts but only three numbered fic boxes to fill in. Which, erm, considering I'm still pretty dedded, is probably a doubly good idea.

Feel free to join me, table code available on request, all the usual stuff, etc. etc.

Please ignore the fact that this is only the third personal challenge I've done in ten months.

<<< September 2006 Personal Challenge Table
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The really super subtle Orion suggestion list, year two. [13 Jan 2007|10:24pm]
*completely ignores the fact that she's been AWOL for over a month, says nothing about ever-growing pile of pooeyness that her life is becoming, and chirpily gets straight down to business*

It has suddenly come to my attention that Orion Awards nominations close on the 15th, so if I'm going to do one of those "for your consideration" posts to ruthlessly whore myself out selflessly help us bolster the number of noms, I had better do it... well, now.

Thus there is below a short list of those fics I wrote during 2006 that I consider to be slightly less crap than the rest, with handy dandy links so you can check them out and see if you'd like to nom them or not.

Family Tree



By the way, Surrogate has already been nommed for both "Best Drabble" and "Best Miscellaneous Genre" - which is why I haven't listed any fics for possible Type nomination, as it seems I only wrote drabbles last year¹.

¹ Yes, yes, I know. But give me a break, I spent most of my time being really ill - umm, I mean, valiantly working away at "Undercurrents".
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im in ur internetz, crazifying ur jurnal... oh wait this my jurnal! lolz [10 Nov 2006|11:50pm]
YAY! I've been up for ALMOST 26 HOURS! LOL, I'm not even tired, I'm just hyper and giddy. Everything has been about teh lulz for the last 21 hours or so. My brain is like completely screwed and full of teh silliness. But woe, for I wants this entry to be readable, and not not.

I shall therefore write this entry in the form of a NICE and ORGANISED list, in order that my thoughts shall likewise be NICE and ORGANISED. Thus, here's what's been happening to me since I was last on teh intarwebz a week ago, or just stuff which is interesting:

1) NaNoWriMo! Everybody thought I should sign up, but I refused due to being smart and sensible and knowing it be an extremely bad idea for my sanity. At the last minute I caved in and decided to do it, only I told hardly anyone this because it was sooper sekrit. I wrote 600 words on the first day and gave up completely. Then everyone found out I was doing NaNo and asked how it was going and I got to tell them I QUIT hahaha. I is brilliant!

2) I then promptly caught TEH FLU oh noes :'( and have spent the last week reading crap books and being in pain, etc.

3) Today was my first day back on the net and I made up for lost time by spending all of it downloading a bazillion icons and reading a million fics, mostly from Torchwood which might explain why...

4) I have become completely obsessed with Torchwood. It is made of AWESOME and CRACK! And also the cast have taken the lead from their brothers-in-arms (DOCTOR WHO MASSIVE REPRESENT) and been invading my dreams at the drop of a hat. Over three consecutive nights I had visits from Ianto and Owen, then Jack, and then Gwen. Tosh, you'd better get your butt into mah subconscious TONITE, ya hear? Oh yeah, and I did mention the spoilerCollapse ) fighting the spoilerCollapse )? And the complete shipability of ANY CHARACTER with ANY OTHER character? And the CRACK? IT IS THE WIN.

5) Also, Ianto Jones is HOT LYKE WHOA. At first I was like, "why the Ianto love? he done nuffink" and then episode four came along and I was like "♥♥♥!!!" I such a h0r for teh bandwagonz :(

6) I'm now addicted to the phrase IM IN UR [PLACE], [VERB]ING UR [OBJECT]. I blame iconz for infecting me. And teh cats. And also teh phrase for bein' SO DARN FUNNY.

7) HEY, I never told y'all but I passed the 10,000 icon mark a few weeks ago! Whoo! In fact my collection has now reached 12,500 so LOL awesome.

8) Oh and no I have NOT HAD ANY ALCOHOL. Nor have I had any CHOCLITT. In fact I forgot to eat at all for about 20 hours because lol flu virus it makes me unhungry. Teh flu virus is also what is making me untired because I's been like "wtf, sleep?" for the last week. So maybe the FLU is also making me hyper! YES! Blame the virus!!


10) For the whole of today, on average every ten minutes I have thought "I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE HECK I'M ON ABOUT." This is true and also should totally be my new motto.

11) This entry is a FACSIMILE of a SHAM because even though I wrote it at the time it says I did, I didn't post it until the morning! Oh noes! But I was like going cross eyed and falling asleep, because while my brain was awake from flu, my body was tired like a tired thing normally would be after 26 hours. And btw YES I AM STILL HYPER this morning. :D :D :D

PS: Future self, I hope you remember that in the social climate of today this idiom is immediately recognisable as having an inherent tone of mockery; and if all else fails I WAS DRUNK ON AIR, OFFICER.
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BIRTHDAY! Yay for me! [26 Sep 2006|11:46pm]
HURRAH! For it is my birthday! Yay.

Most of my presents haven't arrived but I managed to get drunk on a CHOCOLATE FROM A CHOCOLATE BOX therefore I WIN. I spent THREE HOURS bouncing around and typoing at people, being HILARIOUS/deluded. :D

I also managed to FORGET to watch Blue Peter, even though I reminded myself yesterday because LEMONY SNICKET was on. Then I looked up when the repeat was and managed to forget AGAIN, and only remembered about ONE MINUTE before the segment started! Win!

Oh and I got messaged by about six million people at once on MSN which was LOLZ and also AWESOME. ♥ to you all! (Whether you were on MSN or not!)

And no! I shall not tell you how old I am, for I am now FAR TOO OLD! *pins on the BRIGHT PINK "birthday girl" badge her parents gave her and parades around with a teddybear*

(This post brought to you by the Association for RANDOM CAPSLOCK.)
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Yarr! [19 Sep 2006|02:03pm]
It be 19th September, me hearties. You know what that be meanin'. An' to celebrate, I captured a little piece o' booty to share wi' all my mateys.

So grab yeselves a pint o' grog and feast yer eyes on...

'Jolly Juliet'Collapse )

Arrr. *bites cutlass*
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September Personal Challenge Table [02 Sep 2006|05:16pm]
Anyone remember that fanfic challenge I set myself back in May? No? Well I'm not surprised, I only finished about four of the ten prompts I set myself... But now that I don't have imminent exams, I figure it might be a good time to start it up again.

So here we go, another set of prompts, all done up in a nice table - because filling up a pretty table is the real fun of a challenge.

Artemis Fowl
01. dormant
[-none yet-]
02. fire
Domestic Issues
03. whim
[-none yet-]
04. scale
Just A Normal Girl
05. labyrinth
[-none yet-]
06. petrify
[-none yet-]
07. sarcophagus
[-none yet-]
08. paraffin
[-none yet-]
09. sinister
[-none yet-]
10. capillary
[-none yet-]

And because I'm trying to start doing a few things for other fandoms...

01. hunch
[-none yet-]
02. feather
[-none yet-]
03. embargo
[-none yet-]
04. draw
[-none yet-]
05. mask
[-none yet-]

Like last time, anyone is welcome to join me on this foolhardy endeavour. Just nab the table if you feel like it, or comment and I'll send you the code.

<<< May 2006 Personal Challenge Table
March 2007 Personal Challenge Table >>>
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MIA: Draco Trilogy [17 Aug 2006|05:51am]

I've just found out that Cassie Claire has, as of now, removed her Draco Trilogy from Fiction Alley and left the fandom. But I haven't finished reading it yet! Eek! I read Draco Dormiens and half of Draco Sinister ages ago, but then got sidetracked by exams or something and never went back to finish it. And now it is gone, and I can never read the end. *dramatic hand to forehead*

So, does anyone out there have the PDFs that were apparently posted at the end of DV17? Or the links to them, if they're still there? Please? *big goo-goo eyes* If you can help me get a copy of this fic I will shower you in love! Or at least shower you in little ♥♥♥ symbols.

If all else fails I suppose I could always read it in Russian...

Edit: If you want the PDFs too, they can be downloaded here.
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Prerequisite Doctor Who finale anticipation post. [07 Jul 2006|02:28am]
Okay, I'm waiting for people to post stuff on the Orion Awards and I'm bored, so I'm going to jot down my thoughts/speculations/hopes about Saturday's Doctor Who series finale.

Spoilers for everything from 1x13: The Parting of the Ways to the 2nd Christmas special and series 3.Collapse )
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The Great Spamfest of Orion 2006: [27 Jun 2006|05:56am]
Today shall go down in history as the Great Spamfest of Orion 2006.

First our shoutbox was converted to a spambox and sank under the weight of insanity and confusion. Then we moved to a thread in the forums (called "a long topic", despite starting out very short) and attempted to hit 50 pages.

Particular highlights:
  • refloc posting from a tree (not metaphorically - literally)
  • "WTF my name is not THE!"
  • recurring mentions of badgerbadgerbadger
  • Barry Scott vs Steve Ballmer
  • me spending three pages talking to myself
  • Buteline, Kinky and other crazy ships
  • The Pope + Oprah = the world-ruling power that is Poprah!
  • Poprah's theme song
  • discussion of whether God has a sense of humour a.k.a. are we screwed
  • far too much discussion of "Time To Pee"
  • Poprah vs Japan
  • a whole page of us going "YAY" when we hit our target of 50 pages, with a time of 5 hours 1 minute
  • many notations that a) everyone should get an LJ, b) everyone should GO TO BED

    The Onions, and Poprah, own you all. The spam cannot be defied or explained.

    And now I really am GOING TO BED.

    (Fellow spammers, I love you all.)
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    Exams = over [25 Jun 2006|12:40am]
    Man, my exams finished yesterday - *looks at clock* - err, I mean, the day before yesterday and I haven't even done the requisite "OMG freedom!!!1" post yet.


    OMG freedom!!!1

    There. XD;

    So what have I been doing with myself? Playing solitaire, mucking around, continuing my obsession with downloading icons that helpfully started just before my exams... And I've made a few icons too. Now that I have time to get back into them, I guess I could start up my old icon journal again. Hmm. Well, we'll see.

    In other news, I have a headache and I'm going to bed!
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    Big Brother! (a.k.a. I am a sad person) [16 Jun 2006|10:43pm]
    We interrupt your regularly scheduled program of pretending to be revising in order to bring you this message:


    Woe. I liked her. She was about the only one in the house with a brain.

    Oh well. Pete will win now.

    (At least they played "Faster Kill Pussycat" on her Best Bits video. ♥)
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    Green Wing, Doctor Who and Eurovision. (Yay for TV.) [21 May 2006|01:15am]
    yesterday's 'Green Wing' - s02e08Collapse )

    'Doctor Who' - s02e06, The Age of SteelCollapse )

    Eurovision 2006Collapse )

    Yes, my life revolves around TV

    So sleepy *flops*
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    Yays! [17 May 2006|10:30pm]
    Thanks to the lovely shiinamiaru, you can now have eye_on_fowl syndicated directly onto your f'list! :D

    I am so sleepy. *collapses into bed*

    [/spam post]
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    Pain! And fic. [08 May 2006|08:45pm]
    Arg. I've suddenly - as in, within the last ten minutes - developed an annoying low-level stomachache. This is to add to the almost-constant headaches I've been having over the last few days.

    It's a wonder I manage to fic at all under these conditions. *dramatic!hand-to-forehead*

    But, yes, ficced I have. Not only is Undercurrents now 85% edited, but for the last couple of days I've been working on another little ficlet called Family TreeCollapse )

    Right, well, I must go before my brain completely collapses. And before my parents go insane from having to shout six bazillion times that the BAFTAs have already started. XD;;
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    May Personal Challenge Table [02 May 2006|06:49am]
    I've decided to start trying to give myself a set of prompt words each month, to encourage myself to actually, y'know, write something. With a lovely little table to put all of my responses in. (Because tables are the best part of challenges.)

    01. web
    Hidden Agenda
    02. jar
    [-none yet-]
    03. blemish
    [-none yet-]
    04. elegy
    Family Tree
    05. demarcation
    [-none yet-]
    06. borrow
    [-none yet-]
    07. new
    08. cog
    [-none yet-]
    09. percolate
    [-none yet-]
    10. patchwork
    [-none yet-]

    This may all end in horrible failure but who knows. Anyone who feels like joining me on this endeavour, feel free to yoink the table.

    Also, I believe this is the first time I've posted using this icon. Yay, shiny.

      September 2006 Personal Challenge Table >>>
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